John McGrath (Feb-2020)

"Mi esposo y yo hemos estudiado en Pacific Spanish Institute durante 12 semanas y tenemos cuatro más. No podía hablar español cuando comencé y mi esposo solo tenía español básico de la escuela secundaria. Nos enamoramos de la escuela desde el momento en que Lupita abrió la puerta y nos saludó con un abrazo.
Estuvimos separados durante las primeras dos semanas, hasta que pude ponerme al día con mi esposo. Desde la tercera semana, hemos estudiado juntos. Los maestros son muy meticulosos y después de unas pocas semanas, pude comunicarme en clase, únicamente en español. Fue notable, pero valió la pena el trabajo duro. Ahora, después de 12 semanas, me siento seguro al leer y tener conversaciones en el mundo real. Ahora estamos trabajando para dominar la gramática y mejorar la fluidez.
Gracias a Lupita, Reina, Lydia y Bibiana por la gran enseñanza y por hacernos sentir que tenemos una familia maravillosa en Ensenada."
John McGrath
San Diego

"My husband and I have studied at Pacific Spanish Institute for 12 weeks and have four more to go. I knew no Spanish when I started and my husband only had basic Spanish from high school. We fell in love with the school from the minute Lupita opened the door and greeted us with a hug.
We were separated for the first two weeks, until I could come up to speed with my husband. From the third week, we have studied together. The teachers are very thorough and after just a few weeks, I was able to communicate in class, solely in Spanish. It was remarkable, but worth the hard work. Now after 12 weeks I feel confident reading and having conversations in the real world. We are now working on mastering grammar and improving fluency.
In addition to class work , we generally have one field trip a week to museums, the Guadalupe wine country, a paella cook off or a cooking day in the cocina. It is full immersion of language and culture. We have met wonderful other students from around the world.
Thank you to Lupita, Reina, Lydia and Bibiana for the great teaching and making us feel like we have a wonderful family in Ensenada."
John McGrath
San Diego, California USA

Linda Miller

"To Lupita & Lydia, I want to say a big thank you for being so kind and helpful over the past week when I have been studying Spanish in Ensenada. I had a really wonderful time and have learned a lot! Even though 5 days is not very much time, we packed a lot in and I have the materials to keep on learning for the rest of my trip. I am really glad I picked Pacific Institute as it is a great school. Muchas gracias, "

Norman Brooks

"My week at the Pacific Spanish Language Institute was a wonderful experience, The clean, well maintained facility is conveniently located in a safe community and just steps from a main boulevard and shopping center. Blanca, the home hostess, an excellent cook, and the host family were all wonderful and provided unlimited opportunities to practice everyday Spanish. After the initial assessment, the program was adapted to my particular needs with plenty of individual attention to expedite my learning. There was an appropriate balance of grammar and conversation with heavy emphasis on conversation. There was a variety of activities used making it possible to stay focused for six hours a day. All of the instructors are friendly and helpful creating a feeling of a big family with everyone dedicated to helping all students. My instructor, Viviana was wonderful: experienced, competent, dedicated, patient, intelligent, and inspiring. I can’t wait to return. Norman Brooks"

Judy Rittenhouse

"Our family of three were looking to spend the holidays at a Spanish immersion language school. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the Pacific Spanish Institute in Ensenada. It was a pleasant drive from our home in California. Over the course of many years I have taken classes in Spanish, and traveled in Spanish-speaking countries, but never have become fluent, and was quite “rusty”. But after two weeks of immersion in Ensenada I gained more toward fluency than ever before. And we had a great time! Classes were small and geared to individual levels. Our grandson aged 10 had an individual teacher. There was an emphasis on (badly needed) grammar in classes, with plenty of conversation during class and with our host family and teachers during breaks, meals, and field trips. We also participated in enjoyable cooking classes. The classes were held in the home of our host, Sra Blanca, making the schedule of classes and meals relaxed and informal. Sra Blanca was very friendly, welcomed us like family, and patiently participated in many interesting conversations at mealtime. I wholeheartedly recommend the Pacific Spanish Institute. In fact we are planning to return for another Spanish language vacation soon. Judy Rittenhouse".

David German

"My wife, grandson and I attended the Pacific Spanish Institute for two weeks over Christmas break. We succeeded in both learning more Spanish and in participating in the local culture. The Spanish lessons were taught in a small classroom setting with the two adults of similar abilities having one instructor and my grandson having his own instructor. The Spanish lessons were tailored to our needs and our goals based on individual assessments. The instructors were very knowledgeable; providing good grammar, but also explaining linguistic nuances as they arose. While we didn’t achieve fluency in just two weeks we made more progress than on multiple previous trips without the immersion experience. After more studying, we hope to return for another session. Sra. Blanca, our hostess, welcomed us into her family. It felt like we were extended family members as we attended events during the holidays. We ate and chatted with the family providing additional practice, but also a family rapport. I highly recommend the Pacific Spanish Institute for a Spanish immersion experience that works. David German (Bishop, CA)".

PSI es un lugar increible para aprender español. Las maestras y la principal son muy cuidandosas y absolutamente quieren que tengamos éxito. Estamos tomando 16 semanas de español y estamos muy feliz con como lejos hemos venido.
El curso estan personalizado para nosotros, e incluye viajes al campo y cocina. Durante las pausas de 3-4 semanas, viajábamos a unos países donde español es hablado, y teníamos muy poquito problema comunicándonos con los locales. Recomendamos PSI sin duda alguna.

PSI is an amazing place to learn Spanish. The teachers and the principal are very caring and absolutely want us to succeed. We are taking 16 weeks of Spanish and we are very happy with how far we have come.
The course is customized for us, and includes field trips and cooking. During the breaks of 3-4 weeks, we traveled to some countries where Spanish is spoken, and we had very little problem communicating with the locals. We recommend PSI without hesitation.

To Lupita & Lydia (2020)

"I want to say a big thank you for being so kind and helpful over the past week when I have been studying Spanish in Ensenada. I had a really wonderful time and have learned a lot! Even though 5 days is not very much time, we packed a lot in and I have the materials to keep on learning for the rest of my trip.
I am really glad I picked Pacific Institute as it is a great school.
Muchas gracias"

Tonia Willis

"I decided to take my family to the Pacific Spanish Institute instead of the other schools because Lupita responded to my emails quickly and professionally. She answered all of my questions and said there would be no problem taking all 5 of us. We stayed with Blanca's family. Her home was beautiful and inviting. They were all very nice and welcoming. Blanca's meals were delicious!! She's an excellent cook! The classes were engaging and the excursions were exciting giving us the opportunity to practice our Spanish in the community. We all learned so much Spanish that we were able to speak with each other on our journey back to the States. If you want a warm exciting experience learning Spanish, I highly recommend Pacific Spanish Institute! sinceramente, Tonia Willis"

Jason Horvath

"The Pacific Spanish Institute is by far the best Spanish language school I have attended. They make a concerted effort to customize the curriculum to meet your individual language learning needs. This hasn't been the case in other schools I have attended. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They do everything possible to make you feel welcome and comfortable in your new environment. I highly recommend the home stay. The accommodations are very comfortable and the food is incredible. I am very much looking forward to my next visit!"

Yu Chen

"如果你爱一个人,送他到墨西哥。如果你恨一个人,送他到墨西哥。这是一片神秘而古老的大陆。这里的阳光让人心宽气爽,这里的辣椒让人心花路放,这里的音乐让人心神激荡,这里的人们就好像这里的阳光,辣椒,音乐一般,自由,纯真,热情,奔放。 美丽的Ensenada, 可爱的校长Lupita, 敬业的老师Viviana, 贴心而又搞笑的住家妈妈Blanca, 我们谈生活,谈爱情,谈政治,谈减肥心得。三个女人一台戏,更别提三个墨西哥女人!短短一个礼拜,我时常有墨西哥肥皂剧的穿越感。在这样的环境中,又怎么会学不好西班牙文呢?挥手道别回美国圣地亚哥,依依不舍,我默默念道, 是的, 我胡汉三还会回来的! If you love someone, send him to Mexico. If you hate someone, send him to Mexico. It’s a mysterious and ancient land where caracara fly high and jaguar wonder about. The brilliant sun warms your heart, the flamboyant chili seals your tongue, the melodramatic music shakes your soul. And the people, the people, the free-spirited, loud, chaotic, innocent, warm and sweet people. I love them! Beautiful Ensenada, Lovely director Lupita, responsible and detail oriented teacher Viviana, caring and ridiculously funny host mom Blanca. We talked about life, about Trump, about love, about diet and fashion style. There is a Chinese saying: three women make an opera. Guess what would happen with three MEXICAN women?!  During the week, I often felt living in a Mexican telenovela. In this kind of environment, how could you not improve your Spanish? Yes, I will be back! I love you, Ensenada…I love you, Pacific Spanish Institute…and yes…just like water for chocolate. Si amas a alguien, llévalo a México. Si odias a alguien, llévalo a México. Es una tierra misteriosa y antigua, donde la caracara vuela y el jaguar vaga. El sol brillante calienta tu corazón; El chile extravagante sella tu lengua; La música melodramática sacude tu alma. Y la gente, la gente, libre, ruidosa, caótica, inocente, cariñosa y dulce. ¡Me encanta! Hermosa Ensenada, preciosa directora Lupita, responsable y detalle-orientado maestra Viviana, afectuosa y cómica doña Blanca. Hablamos sobre la vida, sobre la Trumpa, sobre el amor, sobre la dieta y la moda. Hay un dicho en China: tres mujeres hacen una ópera. Adivina, ¿qué pasaría con tres mujeres MEXICANAS?!  Durante la semana, siempre pienso que yo vivo en una telenovela. En este tipo de ambiente, ¿cómo es posible no mejorar tu español? ¡Sí, voy a regresar! Me encanta, Ensenada…me encanta, Pacific Spanish Institute…y de hecho…cómo agua para chocolate."

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