"I am a 24-year old student from Germany. I am currently doing a Master`s program in Development Economics and International studies. Right now I am in Tijuana for an exchange semester. This is why I wanted to improve my Spanish. I have been to Ensenada many times before and it is one of my favorite cities in Mexico. I found the school online and decided to take Spanish classes there. It was a very good choice. The school is great, my teacher Bibiana is very nice and taught me a lot. Lupita has helped me a lot also with the organization and information about the school. During one week I have already learned a lot. If I have enough time I would love to come back."

Jeff Laquaglia

"Yo asistí a Pacific Spanish Institute por nueve días, de Abril 23 al primero de Mayo. Yo viví con la familia mexicana. Mi maestra fue Bibiana. Ella es una maestra muy inteligente, comunicativa y hermosa. Yo estudié verbos en el presente y pasado, también futuro de intención. Las lecciones fueron por seis horas cada día. Hubo diferentes ejercicios con tarjetas de información como alojamiento, viajeros, frases útiles, partes del cuerpo, historias para leer y conversamos mucho. Las lecciones estuvieron uno a uno. En la tarde, visitamos las tiendas, practico español en la barbería, y fuimos a la tienda de especias y semillas. Un día, con las Nuevas – estudiantes – visitamos el museo ex hotel Rivera donde supe que ahí inventaron la primera margarita en honor a la dueña. Viví con la familia de Blanca. Aquí estuve en un cuarto privado. Blanca preparó comidas deliciosas y me ayudó con el español. Un viernes preparamos sopes con la supervisión de la maestra Bibiana en la cocina de Blanca. Recomiendo Pacific Spanish Institute hoy es la mejor escuela de español en Ensenada y todo Baja California. Muchas gracias por todo lo que aprendí."

Wanda Embar

"Dear teachers of the Pacific Spanish Institute and dear host family, Here is my honest testimonial of my experience. Thanks for allowing me to do it in English. :) I very much enjoyed the lessons I took at the Pacific Spanish Institute. It was a lot of hard work, but I feel my Spanish improved so much. They started by giving me an assessment test and the rest of the week we worked on all my weaknesses. They paired me with an absolutely amazing teacher, who clearly had a lot of experience teaching. This teacher used just about every second of every lesson, alternating between conversation and exercises. It was intense, but incredibly helpful. I loved the cooking project we did. My teacher showed me a Mexican recipe for a dish, we discussed the ingredients in Spanish and then went grocery shopping together. I was especially impressed with them taking into account our diet restrictions. My husband and I are both vegan and they easily veganized the recipe for us, no problem! We all helped prepare the dish, while conversing in Spanish and then ate together. It was absolutely delicious and also a welcome interruption from all the Spanish practice. After the lessons were over, we had the rest of the afternoon and evening to check out Ensenada. It was great hearing people speaking Spanish all around us. It definitely helped motivate me to do the lessons! What is very important is that I felt really safe in Ensenada. My husband did a lot of research before picking this town and it's apparently one of the best towns to visit in Mexico. I'd never been to this town before and loved discovering it. It's very beautiful. You are surrounded by both mountains and the ocean. We checked out amazing sites like the Bufadora (one of the largest marine geysers in the world), the beach, the tourist shops and even took a boat to visit a seal colony. The Pacific Spanish Institute found a host family for us to stay with for the week, which made the whole experience even better. The family was incredibly nice and always willing to have a conversation with us (in Spanish!). They made us feel really welcome. The room they gave us was perfect and a nice place to rest after a long day of lessons and outings. The only regret I have is that we couldn't stay longer than a week. I really hope we can come back one day. Thanks for everything!"

Angel Nicolas

"My experience with Pacific Spanish Language School was a great one. The head teacher Lupita and I were able to design a Spanish program tailored for my personal interests. My teacher Bibiana was super attentive and helped me tremendously progress to the next level. We went to museums, restaurants and to the open market to learn and practice my Spanish. It was an awesome experience and when I have the opportunity I will be back. I recommend this program to anyone that wants to have fun learning Spanish."

Francine Rice-Laabs

"I just finished my first week of class! My teacher, Lupita was super patient with me as I practiced each day. When I made mistakes, she was good-natured about correcting me. I never felt embarrassed or self-conscious during the classes. When I had questions she explained the concepts very thoroughly and clearly. In addition, I had the opportunity to cook some traditional Mexican dishes with my teachers. This was a great way to learn Spanish cooking terminology, plus eat some great food! It’s my goal to continue taking additional classes at the Pacific Spanish Institute in the near future. I was very happy with this program! I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to learn Spanish."

Greg Smolarz

"The short version of my experience here is that it was great. I'm very grateful I decided to take classes here [at the Pacific Spanish Institute]. I had been learning Spanish on my own for several months with little success. These classes really put me in a position where I was able to learn way more. I think the most important thing I gained from taking these classes is experience. I was pretty nervous when I met with Lupita and Reyna, but after the initial meeting that was completely gone. I mean, the teachers here are great. It was truly an incredible experience. The teacher were great. The activities were great and the environment was very comfortable, which for me was a huge issue. I would absolutely recommend this program."

Mohan Embar

"I had attempted to contact multiple schools in Ensenada about the possibility of taking Spanish lessons there, but Lupita at the Pacific Spanish Institute was the only one that got back to me. We probably spent over an hour and a half in phone calls leading up to the visit because I was anxious about whether they could truly accommodate us: my wife and I have two different Spanish levels and what's more, we have special dietary needs (we're both vegan). Lupita took the time to not only talk to us about the options we had, but more importantly, to really listen to me and understand what our needs were in order to be able to accommodate them. The fact that she actually listens to you convinced me to take the plunge and commit to the classes and homestay. Although the classes were intense, they were also fun and I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the experience. We had a cooking class and they actually veganized a typical Mexican dish of theirs and went above and beyond to reassure us that the food met our safety standards and our dietary needs. The homestay hosts were welcoming and gracious and our room was large and luxurious. I chatted with Blanca, the homestay host (or "mamá mexicana", as the called her) for hours and hours. I really liked everyone involved not only as teachers and hosts, but also people. They were genuinely good people and you could tell that they cared about us and our well-being. As for the classes, there was a placement test in the beginning to assess your level and after that the instruction was tailored to that level. I had a specific plan for what I wanted to do during the time and the teachers were respectful of my plan and I thoroughly enjoyed the instruction. My wife felt the same way and we both felt that all teachers were talented, capable, competent and most importantly, caring. I wouldn't hesitate an instant to recommend this experience to others. Thanks again to everyone involved for the wonderful time we had."

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