Specialized Programs for Professionals

The Specialized Programs for Professionals are part of our Spanish Immersion Program that offers lessons where you will learn how to effectively communicate with Spanish speaking communities. These classes are composed of 6 hours of instruction per day from Monday through Friday with a total of 30 hours a week.

During the first four hours of instruction, the class focuses on grammar and conversational topics while the other two hours focus on the development of the specific vocabulary that students need to develop for their career. During this time, outings to key attractions in Ensenada can also be included. These outings provide a great learning experience for students to learn more about the language, traditions and culture in Baja California.

Students enrolled in this program will be able to schedule one outing, either on Wednesday or Thursday, but are not limited to participating in the other outings that are taking place during other days of the week with other students. This will allow students to obtain an even richer cultural experience since these outings are to other historical, commercial, gastronomic and touristic sites.

Teachers Program

This program is designed to give teachers working with Spanish speaking students the necessary communication skills. If you want to learn how to speak and understand your students and their relatives, this program will teach you how. For example, if you need to ask a student:

Why didn´t you do your homework?
¿Por qué no hiciste tu tarea?

Do you have a question about the topic?
¿Tienes alguna pregunta o duda sobre la clase?

Do you feel okay?
¿Te sientes bien?

When your course ends, you will have the necessary communication skills to better understand and communicate with your students as you have fun doing so.

Note: If you prefer Private Spanish Classes, please specify this in your pre registration form

Health Care Program

Our Spanish Immersion Program is especially designed for nurses, doctors, veterinarians and other health care professionals seeking to acquire or improve their communicative skills with their Spanish speaking patients or clients. Groups are formed with 3 or 4 students, so as to give each student the necessary personalized attention.

The Spanish class is presented in a dynamic format that allows students to participate and ask questions. In the class you will learn how to effectively interact and communicate in Spanish with patients and clients. It will be easy to obtain the following information from them: Family History, Prior Illnesses, Symptoms and Vital Signs.

Some examples of questions and information that you will learn to express to your patients in Spanish are:

Hello, I am Dr. ____________
Hola, soy el doctor ________________

How do you feel?
¿Cómo se siente?

Are you in pain?
¿Tiene dolor?

Don´t worry, you are going to be just fine.
No se preocupe, estará bien.

The Spanish classes incorporates medical terms and this vocabulary is practiced at an intense level.The program is divided into two parts. The first four hours in our Spanish classes are composed of practical grammar and the use of important medical terms. The other two hours of the Spanish class is dedicated to help students learn and develop important dialogues between doctors and patients. During these two hours of class, student have the option of participating in outings to important historical and tourists sites.

Note: If you prefer private Spanish classes, please specify this in your pre registration form.

Firefighters and Police Officers Program

This program is designed for community helpers such as firefighters and police officers that deal with Spanish speaking populations and who want to learn how to better understand their needs. Groups are composed of 3 or 4 students to facilitate personalized attention. During the class there is also a time set aside for students to practice conversing in Spanish. Students have the opportunity to practice asking and answering questions.

Pacific Spanish Institute offers specialized Spanish classes that help these professionals with their particular needs in mind. Our goal is to provide professionals in the fields of medicine, education and other community helpers an excellent opportunity to further develop and learn the necessary Spanish language skills.

Police Officers

Some examples of essential skills to help you communicate that you will learn are the following: Police Officers

May I see your license please?
¿Me permite su licencia por favor?

Step out of your car please!
¡Baje de su autómovil por favor!

Put your hands above your head!
¡Ponga las manos en su cabeza!

How can I help you?
¿Cómo puedo ayudarle?



FirefightersExamples of some of the important questions in Spanish you will learn to ask are the following:

Can you breathe?
¿Puede respirar?

Are you in pain?
¿Le duele algo?

Is there someone else in the building?
¿Hay alguien en el edificio?


Religious Program

Religious ProgramDesigned specifically for clergymen, pastors, missionaries and other religious leaders, this program provides students with the necessary skills to effectively communicate with church members as well as to effectively evangelize. Pacific Spanish Institute offers specialized Spanish classes that help these professionals with particular needs in mind to develop and learn the necessary language skills and therefore establish better communication and relationships with their church members.

Religious ProgramIn Pacific Spanish Institute our Spanish classes are designed in the following way: Classes are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 2:00pm.

The first four hours of each day focus on general grammar and conversation. Then during the last two hours, activities to further develop vocabulary and conversation are planned. This is done through the use of games in order to provide a fun way to learn.

Outings can be scheduled to visit historical sites that provide historical information about how missionaries evangelized the Californias. These outings can include visits to the Museum of History, popular vineyards within the area, and to La Bufadora (one of the largest blowholes or marine geyser in North America)

Note: If you prefer Private Spanish Classes, please specify this in your pre registration form.

Pacific Spanish Institute offers you great offers and discounts.

If you would like to come and learn Spanish at Pacific Spanish Institute you can also take advantage of our group specials. When you are accompanied by 4 other students to take Spanish classes in our Health Care Program, Firefighter or Police offer Program, Religious Program or Teachers Program, you automatically qualify for a great discount offer. You will not have to pay a registration fee and your Spanish classes will only cost 50% of the regular cost*. And if your group is composed of 8 other students, your classes will be free of charge.

*This offer is valid in any of our group programs, except the Business Program.

Pacific Spanish Institute provides students with the necessary class materials for each student. We do recommend that you bring a Spanish-English dictionary. Come and learn Spanish with us.

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