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Children`s Program

This program is designed for children between the ages of 6-12. It provides hands-on interaction, lessons, games, songs and recreational activities.

Our Spanish classes in Ensenada for children provide a great learning environment that make acquiring Spanish as a second language fun and quick.

Our Immersion Program for children is full of dynamic Spanish learning activities such as games, Mexican arts and crafts and outings to different fun places for children to visit that are located within our city.

As you provide your children with this great experience, you are also preparing them for success in the future, since being bilingual in Spanish and English is becoming more and more valuable with each passing year.

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Family Group Program

Family Group ProgramThis program is designed for families with 3 or more members that can range from adults, children, adolescents or senior citizens. Each family member is placed in their appropriate learning level.

In this time and age it is very important to be able to speak Spanish because Spanish is the second most spoken language within the United States. Our Spanish Institute offers you and your family practical, simple and conversational techniques to learn Spanish.

In Pacific Spanish Institute, our program offers a wonderful learning and cultural experience in Ensenada B.C. Our program is designed to accommodate to the learning needs of each student. While parents are learning Spanish, their children also have the opportunity to learn the language. Our Spanish Immersion Program counts with native Spanish speaking teachers that have many years of teaching experience working not only with adults but also with children.

In the case of families that have children under the age of 6, we also have trained personnel that provide child care. Our Spanish Immersion Program provides you and your family with a wonderful learning experience in which you will not only learn Spanish, but also will acquire a great experience that will further enrich your family.

You can also choose to participate in our outings and visit great Mexican restaurants, wineries, parks, movie theaters, go on fun boat rides and more. You also have the option of going out in the afternoon to visit tourist sites.


Learn Spanish on the BeachA wonderful experience is waiting for you, especially if you enjoy the idea of learning Spanish in a non-traditional setting.

Pacific Spanish Institute is flexible with its schedule of Spanish classes and therefore can offer you the option of learning Spanish in the beach.

Ensenada´s beaches are clean and beautiful and provide a great experience. It will be like a day at the beach.

Spanish classes on the beach can be very exciting and we know you will enjoy them.


Pacific Spanish Institute offers you great offers and discounts.

If you would like to come and learn Spanish at Pacific Spanish Institute you can also take advantage of our group specials. When you are accompanied by 4 other students to take Spanish classes in our Health Care Program, Firefighter or Police offer Program, Religious Program or Teachers Program, you automatically qualify for a great discount offer. You will not have to pay a registration fee and your Spanish classes will only cost 50% of the regular cost*. And if your group is composed of 8 other students, your classes will be free of charge.

*This offer is valid in any of our group programs, except the Business Program.

Pacific Spanish Institute provides students with the necessary class materials for each student. We do recommend that you bring a Spanish-English dictionary. Come and learn Spanish with us.

Pacific Spanish Institute

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