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Pacific Spanish Institute is an institution where you can take Spanish Classes in Ensenada Baja California Mexico. It offers the best Spanish Immersion Program that focuses on developing conversational Spanish. Our Spanish School in Mexico does not use textbooks because our teaching is focused on practical grammar that facilitates communicating effectively in the Spanish Language. Our Spanish Classes in Ensenada count with native speaking teachers that have more than 20 years of teaching experience.

Each teacher is a native-Spanish speaker of Mexico and they are prepared to teach Spanish from the basic to the advanced levels. Our Spanish Immersion Program offers students Spanish classes that also provide students an enriching cultural experience. Each course is designed to fit the needs of our students.

Pacific Spanish Institute offers general Spanish classes at all levels, but also offers special courses for professionals and children. We understand that a nurse taking a patient´s medical history needs different skills than a police officer listening to a person in crisis, or a businessman offering his products and services.

In the Specialized Programs for Professionals (small groups) students are placed in a group according to their level of proficiency in Spanish. During the first part of the morning students will focus on developing grammar, vocabulary and conversation according to their level. During the last two hours in the Spanish School in Ensenada, students with the same profession will reunite and will now work on developing the necessary vocabulary, grammar and conversation skills for their specific career. Private Spanish Classes in Ensenada inside the Specialized Programs for Professionals follow a similar teaching format while also addressing the individual needs of the student.


Our Spanish Classes in Ensenada have four or fewer students. This allows our instructors to give students individual attention and plenty of opportunity to learn Spanish. Classes last 30 hours per week from Monday to Friday 8am to 2pm. Some of our Spanish Classes in Mexico are also offered outside of the traditional classroom environment in order to provide an experiential environment where the student is directly put into real life situations where they can apply what they have learned in class. We also offer classes only on the weekends. These classes last 12 hours, 6 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday from 8am to 2pm. At Pacific Spanish Institute, our class schedule if flexible in order to meet the needs of those who want to learn Spanish in Mexico in a fun and dynamic way.

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