Spanish Immersion Program

Our Spanish Immersion Program offers you an easy and quick way to learn Spanish in Ensenada. The teachers who work with us, in Pacific Spanish Institute, are fully qualified to teach and facilitate the learning process of students who want to learn Spanish. This is achieved by providing a lot of time and space to converse in Spanish as the needs and abilities of each student are also considered.


Learning Spanish becomes a fun experience as each student learns how to effectively communicate in Spanish, while acquiring a rich cultural experience. During our outings for example, students will visit historic and cultural sites. During their time with the Mexican host family, which is an optional part of the program that our institute offers, students will enjoy a wonderful cultural and personal experience as they interact with other Spanish speakers. This experience allows students the opportunity to further their language acquisition in a non-classroom setting that is more relaxed and natural. Host families speak, in most cases, only Spanish and their interactions with the students is always easy going and pleasant.


When a student decides to participate in the different outings visits to tourist places to try different types of Mexican food and drinks are scheduled. The purpose of such outings is to provide experiential and cultural interactions for students.

Our Spanish Immersion Program is designed to offer Spanish classes in Ensenada with a system that sets the student in real life situations, providing a setting where students learn how to effectively communicate. Our Spanish Program also provides lessons where students will directly work on the development of correct Spanish grammar. Learning Spanish in Mexico is a great learning experience full of unforgettable experiences.

Small Groups


Pacific Spanish School in Ensenada offers the Small Groups program which is amongst the most popular of our programs and it is the most economical. Our teaching method helps you develop verbal communication and it provides you with personalized attention. In the Small Groups program you experience learning with other students with the same Spanish level. After completing the Placement exercise you will be placed in one of our twelve levels.

The Small Groups are composed of 3 to 4 students. The Spanish Classes in Ensenada last 6 hours per day and they are from 8:00am to 2:00pm, Monday through Friday. During four hours of the spanish classes the focus is grammar and conversation. The last two hours are composed of activities such as games, more conversation, outings, and depending on the group, the cooking workshop can also be included.


An outing is arranged during one day of the week. The outing can be to either a museum, a tour to a winery and or wine tasting, or a visit to one of Ensenada´s historical sites. For more information go to the following link: Small Group Prices

Private Classes

Private Spanish Classes

This program features one-on-one instruction six hours per day, Monday through Friday. In this program the first four hours focus on core curriculum while the last two hours are filled with activities, such as visits to historic sites or outings. In this program students have the great benefit of receiving personalized attention from the instructor and therefore also has more flexibility in how the day is structured and what is studied.

If you decide to enroll in a private one on one classes you have the option of choosing what topics or skills you want to focus on during your classes. When you pre-register just send us this information one week in advance before your classes begins. If you do not have a specific need that you want to have met, we will provide you with our lesson plan for the specific private class you are enrolling in.

For more information go to the following link: Private Classes

Pacific Spanish Institute offers you great offers and discounts.

If you would like to come and learn Spanish at Pacific Spanish Institute you can also take advantage of our group specials. When you are accompanied by 4 other students to take Spanish classes in our Health Care Program, Firefighter or Police offer Program, Religious Program or Teachers Program, you automatically qualify for a great discount offer. You will not have to pay a registration fee and your Spanish classes will only cost 50% of the regular cost*. And if your group is composed of 8 other students, your classes will be free of charge.

*This offer is valid in any of our group programs, except the Business Program.

Pacific Spanish Institute provides students with the necessary class materials for each student. We do recommend that you bring a Spanish-English dictionary. Come and learn Spanish with us.

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